Teensex December 2022 Artpack

Teensex December 2022 Artpack

“I would like to propose a toast,” Dean Litton announced, “here's to everyone who made last year one of the best in the history of our company, without all of you, none of this would have been possible!!!” “Hear, hear,” someone from the back of the room shouted, and another started singing the refrain from “For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!”, which was followed by a standing ovation!!! “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Dean replied a little sheepishly, “now, let's have some desert so we can get down to some serious partying!!!” After another smattering of applause, Dean sat down and Marjorie, his wife of thirty three years, squeezed his hand and whispered, “That was a very nice speech, honey, I think everyone is having a wonderful time!!!” “Yeah,” he replied, “this is about the best company party we've ever had, but last year sales were terrific, so it should be a happy time!!!” Those words were to be far less than prophetic, as within a matter of seconds five men with automatic weapons slipped into the room and announced a hold up!!! A man dressed in dark clothing and a black skit mask announced loudly, “If everyone shuts up and does as you're told, nobody gets hurt, but it you give us even the slightest bit of grief, you'll be shot before you can even say fucking boo, got it!?!” A low murmur passed through the crowd before Dean stood up and asked, “What do you want with us, we haven't done anything to you!?!” “Now that's a good question,” the man replied sarcastically, “but you're wrong, you have done something to us, you all have stolen all our money, credit cards, and jewelry, and just came here to get it back, does that answer your question!?!” Dean carefully turned to face his fellow captives and offered, “I think we'd better do as were told, I hope we can assume that after they get what they're after they'll leave us alone!!!” “Very nicely put,” the man in black replied, “now listen up everyone, my men are going pass among with open duffel bags, put all of your valuables in the bag and don't try holding out on us, if we find that you haven't been straight with us, you can expect to get it right in the fucking head!!!” It only took about five minutes for several of the ski masked covered robbers to pass through the crowd and collect all of their valuables, including the wedding rings!!! “Thank you for the wonderful evening, the masked man said gaily, “let's do it again real soon, and by the way, I wouldn't pay the hotel for the room rental, the security around here stinks!!! Just when it looked like it was all over, and almost as an after thought, the hooded leader grabbed Marjorie Litton buy the arm and growled, “You're coming with us, just to make sure nobody follows us, once were gone, we'll drop you off somewhere safe!!!” Dean stood up and tried to stop them from taking his wife, but all he got for his trouble was the butt end of and M-16 rammed against the side of his skull!!!

Half walking and half being dragged, Marjorie Litton begged her captors not to take her, but her pleas went for naught as she was roughly tossed into the back of a waiting van in the alley along side the hotel!!! “W-what are you going to do with me,” she asked in a terrified voice?!? “What makes you think we're gonna do anything to you,” the masked man asked!?! “I-I don't know,” she whispered, “I'm just scared I guess!!!” Suddenly they rolled to a stop and three of the men slipped out of the back of the van leaving Marjorie alone with just the masked leader and the driver!!! When they began moving again, the man slowly pulled off his ski mask and asked, “Are you still afraid!?!” She had to admit that although she was still scared, she was a lot calmer than she had been just a few minutes before hand! He eyed her for a few minutes and then said softly, “You're an attractive woman, how old are you, anyway!?!” “Uh, I'm sixty one,” she replied, a little uneasy at the direction of the conversation, and although she was in her sixties, Marjorie had always taken good care of herself, and in spite of her age, she had the body of a much younger woman!!! Now, very softly, he ordered, “Open up your dress, I wanna see your tits!!!” Such a short sentence, and delivered so softly, yet it was almost like a knife stabbing her in the heart, as it almost took her breath away!!! “I'm way to old for you,” she said while trying to reason with him, “and besides, I'm just an old married woman!!!” Now a little steel came into his tone, and he said evenly, “I'm not gonna ask you again, now do it!!!” She could tell instantly that it would be fruitless arguing with him, so with shaking hands, she reached around and undid her zipper!!!

As she slowly slid her dress form her shoulders, he commented softly, “I just love watching woman with big tits taking off their clothes, ohhhhhhh yeah, nice bra!!!” It had been an awfully long time since any man other than her husband had seen her undressing, but even as afraid as she was, just hearing a stranger drooling over chest made her pussy involuntarily dampen!!! “How big are they,” he said thickly, “they look fuckin' great in that bra!?!” “Uh, 38dd,” she replied, “do you really like them?!?” He looked at her like she was crazy and said, “A-fucking right I like them, now take it off so I can see what you got hidden in there!!!” “Holy smokes, am I out of my mind, I'm actually enjoying this,” she said to her self, and then aloud and in a very sweet little girl's voice, “you're going to have to help with unhook it, can you do that for me please!?!” Uh, sure,” he stammered, “turn around and I will!!!” She smiled to herself as he fumbled with the hooks, and finally offered softly, “Would you like me to help with that, it seems like you boys are all thumbs when it comes to unhooking a bra!?!” He just sat helplessly while Marjorie undid the final hook, and then gaped wide eyed as the she teasingly dropped her bra and exposed her huge sagging breasts!!!

He sucked in a lung full of air and groaned, “My god, they're huge, and your nipples are so fucking hard, p-please let me touch them!!!” It was at that moment that Marjorie could sense that she had exchanged places with her captor and had gained a measure of control in this rather sticky situation, but realized that at any moment he could kill her without compunction, so she still had to take it slow and easy!!! “Maybe I'll let you feel them,” she whispered, “but first you have to tell me your name, mine's Marjorie!!!” “Uh, mine's Jack,” he replied quickly, “so now let me touch them, okay!?!” “Well, you seem to really want to, and after all my nipples are all hard and everything, so I guess it's all right, Jack, go ahead, feel them,” she replied smoothly!!! “Oh, Jack,” she sighed as he ran his hands all over her massive globes, “a woman with breasts like mine always hopes that she gets a real tit man, and from the looks of things, you are just that man!!!” Without even asking, he pulled her to him and leaned down and took a big hard nipple into his mouth and ravenously sucked on her like he hadn't had a woman in years!!! “Oh my,” she sighed while running her hands through his hair, “you have a nice mouth for such a young man, would you like me to show you how nice my mouth is!?!” “How are you going to do that,” he asked!?! “Just let me show you,” she replied, “I think you're going to really like it!!!”

“Tell me something,” she asked softly, “is your penis hard, after sucking my nipples it must be just about ready to burst!?!” “You wanna suck it,” he asked excitedly!?! “Why, Jack,” she replied in her best syrupy voice, “of course I do, after a woman has gotten her nipples sucked it's just about all she can do to keep from tearing off her lover's pants and putting him into her mouth!!!” “Really,” he moaned, “I'm hard as a fucking rock!!!” “Well, then” she whispered, “I think it's about time we did something about that, don't you!?! “Yeah,” he replied excitedly as he practically ripped his zipper apart while trying to remove his pants too quickly, “why don't you take off the rest of your stuff, too!?!” “Now let's just take it easy,” she said softly, “let me do you first, okay!?!” She watched with fascination as he slid his boxers off of his hips and down to his ankles, and the sight of his very hard erection made her cunt flinch a couple of times as well as make her mouth go dry!!! “Is it all right,” he asked a little nervously!?! “You have a beautiful erection, Jack, and I'm going to have a very nice time sucking you off,” as she let her head drop into his lap with her mouth wide open!!! God it had been a long time since she had had a cock as young and hard as Jack's, and although she and her husband, Dean, had a good sexual relationship, familiarity does breed monotony, so having a man thirty years her junior desire her body, well, it was just so very exciting for her!!! While her husband's penis was probably as long and thick as Jack's, it was nowhere near as hard anymore, and the feeling of an incredibly erect male sexual organ in her mouth just made her warm from head to toe!!! She was becoming incredibly turned on by this young stud, so when he reached down and cupped her boobs, she thought she might have an orgasm right then and there!!!

“Do you suck your husband a lot,” he panted, “cuz let me tell you this, you have a fucking talent!?!” “She chuckled a little and replied, “Why thank you, Jack, that' very nice of you to say, and yes, I do suck my husband's penis, I'd say about two or three times a week!!!” “Fuck, if it was me,” he groaned, “you'd be suckin' my prick every fucking day of the month I can guarantee you that!!!” She was about to thank him the compliment, but too late, his cock stiffened and her mouth was suddenly filled with spate of hot cum that nearly choked her at its shear volume, but she gamely sucked it all down, while not losing a drop!!! She continued sucking him for another few minutes or so, making sure that his erection was back to full capacity, as she had another idea on how to satisfy him!!!

She was getting a little nervous again, as it was one thing to show off your boobs and then suck someone off, while it was a whole different kettle of fish to take off you panties and get your pussy fucked, especially when you're over sixty years old and your partner is probably used to having women half your age!!! A glazed look was on his face after the fantastic suck job he had just experienced, but while Marjorie calmly jerked his big cock she asked, “Do you think you're man enough to fuck a real woman!?!” “Do you fuck as good as you suck,” he asked!?! “Try me,” she replied, “you'll never know until do!!!” With almost frightening quickness, he shoved her down hard to the floor of the van, jerked her dress and panties off of her with several hard tugs, and without even asking if she was ready, mounted her and buried his pecker deep into her dripping cunt!!! “Oh dear, god,” she moaned, “f-fuck me harder, oh you fucking stud boy fuck me harder!!!” While her she and her husband had leisurely encounters, this was a quick brutal fuck, the kind that people in heat have, the kind where it doesn't matter who you're with or when you're doing it, as long as both of you are getting your brains fucked out!!! Hard and brutal, those were the words that kept rolling around in Marjorie's head while Jack's erect penis continued its siege like assault on her unprepared pussy, while at the same time driving her hard and straight towards an orgasm that could only be described as monumental!!!

When she crashed on the rocks of her orgasm, it was like none she had had in many years, as her cunt just seemed to convulse over and over again around the pistoning organ that seemed to have found a home inside of her twat!!! Like two lions viciously mating, Jack tried to pound her into submission while at the same time she clawed at him with her nails, leaving telltale signs of their encounter on his back!!! When it was over, and his hot cum was drooling out of her spent cunt, the two of them panted like animals while trying to make some sense out of what had just transpired!!!

After several minutes of absolute silence, Marjorie gently rubbed his arm and asked, “Are you going to let me go now?!?” He looked at her with almost sad eyes and replied, “I wish I had met you earlier Marjorie Litton, I am going to miss you, you are the best I've ever had!!!” As soon as she was dressed, he opened the back door of the van and let her out, leaving the door open as he pulled away, just staring at her until the van was out of sight!!! She shivered in the cool night air, and looked for a phone to call her husband, it had indeed been quite a night!!!


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