Glamcore Blue Telly Volume 5 Masturbate

Glamcore Blue Telly Volume 5  Masturbate

yyyy. Emily Hazer:i take my seat at the front of the bus fixing my skirt so it doesnt ride up on me as i check my bag to make sure everything is there as you stare at me through your mirror as the team gets on

sc:You look apprehensive as I turn to look at you, you fix your skirt again as you feel my gaze fall to your thighs, you try not to look at the team as they file by you, you feel their eyes checking you out, a couple bump into you, one stops to apologize, he rests his hand on your thigh as he talks to you

Emily :i turn my head to the window and look away as i can hear the rest of the team mumbling knowing its about me all of them between the agaes of 18 and 22 as the captain walks up to you and whispers something into your ear and then sits back downas you close the door and start the bus

sc:I smile wickedly as we start down the road, you hear several comment directed towards you “hey, cheerleader, I've got some ponpoms for you” “would you like to try my baton?” you try to ignore them, but feel, their eyes more and more upon you, you think you hear a couple coming near to you

Emily :i turn around and am met with 2 of the biggest guys on the team one standing on the side of me so i can leave my seat and the other behind me as they both give me a wicked smile as the one pats me on the head and the guy on my side puts his hand on my thigh

sc:you try to push his hand away, it's replaced by his other, the guy patting your head starts to massage your shoulders, then down your chest, you keep trying to push their hands away, but you can't keep up with both, you gasp as you feel a hand under your skirt, as you try to push it away, your arms are held, you hear “just relax sweetie, you're going to love this” you feel the bus pulling off the road, you don't recognize the building we are puling behind

Emily :i start to fight back as much as i can swatting their hands away as the bus comes to a stop and the guys get aggitated with me the guy on my right grabbing my arm and pulling me up after the one behind me rips my top off showing my little chest and budding breasts with no bra on as i shriek

sc:after I stop the bus, I step in front of you, I yell out “HEY, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?” you think you are being rescued till you hear me say “Don't go too far, you guys know the deal, I get first crack at new little sluts” You look down as I kneel in front of you, I look up into your eyes as I reach under your skirt, pull your panties down as you try to kick me away, everyone is watching, chuckling

Emily :i shriek again feeling you pull my panties off and hold me as the guys tie my wrists together as i watch you undo your belt and drop your pants and boxers seeing your cock as i feel you pick me up and set me ontop of the bus seat tall enough for your cock to reach me

sc:you are shocked as you see my cock, you have seen a few pictures and didn't think they could get this big, you try to struggle, but are held in place, hands are caressing everywhere on your body squeezing your little breasts, pinching/pulling your nipples, you didn't think they could be so hard, your legs are pulled wide, I step between your legs, I slap your pussy/clit with my cock, you feel like you've been hit with a club

Emily :no please dont that cant fit *i whine seeing that you cock has to be almost 9.

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